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Welcome to Softball Strong. Softball Strong celebrates our amazing softball community by providing cutting edge training, speed and injury prevention tips and programs.


Established in 2014, Softball Strong is a complete SOFTBALL TRAINING program designed to create a DYNAMIC softball player. These programs are not for the unmotivated player. Softball Strong workouts are designed to assist in the development of players that want to succeed. Our programming is designed to increase every skill to create a 5 TOOL PLAYER. This is the only program that skillfully challenges a player while creating an increase in speed, power, mobility while offering complete programs based on position specific programs, speed skills, and agility development based on the movement of development of a softball player.Whether you want to introduce your pee wee to her first time playing, or help your established athlete get a college scholarship, we're here to help you succeed.


Let us create programs for your teams or individual players. Our years of training successful athletes shows that our system works.

From the mouth of coaches...


Kris Massaro

"Kris's programs are awesome! They are creative, functional and effective. Her workouts are based on simple fundamentals for the beginner all the way to challenging the competitive player. I enjoy watching her programs and anticipate what I'll see next."

"You have upped the bar in softball training! Thank you for the detail you pay to your programs and our athletes!"

​"I have experienced Kris' training with my team firsthand  and I've never seen such drastic changes to my girls playing and athleticism. Every girl has gotten faster, stronger and built endurance. Our injury rate  has gone down dramtically. And they are challenged in every workout!"

Kris has trained hundreds of softball players throughout her career. 

 She has worked with players from 8 yrs old to college and professional players. Her speciality is creating workouts developed upon the needs of position specific, speed skills and the mental side of player development.

Softball Strong