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Training Content

How FAST do you want your team to be?
One of the greatest tools you can ever give your players is the gift of speed. I say gift because you can teach your players to be faster. Players fall into two categories;
1. God given speed skills. These girls have amazing genes and are naturally fast players.
2. Players that are taught great SPEED MECHANICS. These are the 97% of the players that don't have mom and dad to thank for their speed. I'm going to let you in a secret; teaching a player to transform into a mechanically sound player is easy. As long as you know what the heck your teaching them. Start with 3 basic speed skills
-Plyosteps-this allows a player to quickly transfer from an athletic stance into a sprint by allowing the dominant foot to drive back and push them forward...not the hips, the foot
-Sprinters starts-make sure both feet are pointing straight ahead and knees are bent with the weight forward, elbows close in at sides
Shuffle-players stay low, butt down and drive forward but pushing through the back foot. Your feet should never cross over each other..
These are three basic movements. You can easily start with these then add more specific skills and ball work in with it..


​​Infielders and Angles
Angles are HUGE in defensive play. A player positioning herself to take correct angles makes big differences in making an awesome play and not making the play. I've found not only is it challenging to teach players how to take correct angle but how to naturally take them quickly and transfer into another speed skill. Think of it this way it's the difference between your middle infielders cutting a ball off up the middle and actually recovering enough to transition into making their throw, think of your corners snagging a ball, popping up and making a play. I can't stress enough how learning how to take a good angle can change a players skill up another notch. I like to start teaching girls shuffles to sprints on an angle. Once they get that skills down ( butts down fast push off from the back foot) we transition into cutting and sprinting while your fielding at every angle. My goal is to not only change their biomechanics to perform these skills naturally but to change their mindset into kicking into overdrive where they will automatically perform these skills. Remember to do everything possible to give your players the tools needed to become successful on the field.

What is Softball Strong?

Softball Strong is more than simple workouts for softball players. Softball Strong is a lifestyle, an all encompassing chance for players to learn about becoming the best player they can be in all aspects of their performance training. And to create the opportunity for players to embrace a sport that will define them throughout their life, as confident, powerful women.




Softball Strong Workouts are specific skills that are translatable to the softball field;

Softball Speed

  • first step quickness
  • decreased time to first
  • powerful jumps off the bag
  • quick drop step in the outfield
  • quickness on field

 Softball Power allows players to

  • hit with more dingers
  • accelerate and drive hard
  • be more explosive      ​​​

​Softball Endurance

  • allows player's performance  to stay at a consistent level for tournament play
  • players stay mentally focused
  • decreased injury  rate

Softball Strong 

Complete  Softball Training