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PLAY INSPIRED  is a program dedicated to the MENTAL game of softball. This is no run of the mill program. We don't believe that one simple quote changes the mindset, confidence and performance of players. This is a program designed around creating the major tools in a positive performance environment and how to pass that message onto your team. 

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Are your players HAPPY? Take a second to really think about this. It may sound strange, we tend to not really talk about the subject of players being happy until they are unhappy. We actually reverse the order of acknowledging the importance of happy players until they either want to stop playing or leave your team. It seems that only then do we question why or how happiness could effect playing. We seem to have the formula for success a little backwards. We think that if our team is successful it will create happy players, when most studies show the opposite. Happy players create success, in fact 75% of success is led by positive performance. Here's WHY you should strive for a positive, happy team;
-a happy team is a cohesive team
-players that are happy as a team want to stay within that team
-they create superior playing 
-less player burnout
-less turnover in players
-greater percentage of success on the field

These are qualities we consistently look for in a team, would if you have those ingredients right in front of your face and your not utilizing them? I don't know many players that thrive under stressful, harsh conditions. I do know that players that continue on this journey are players that are passionate, positive and have a true happiness in this sport. If you haven't thought about this subject before it's time you have, it's time to teach players to play inspired.Type your paragraph here.

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